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Home Security
Installation of high-definition indoor and outdoor home and business security cameras and high-capacity recorders.
Computer Repair
Troubleshooting and repair of hardware and software problems, as well as system cleaning and upgrades. We support Windows, OS X, Ubuntu, and VMWare.
Computer Builds
Building custom systems for home, office, or high-end applications, in regular or embedded-in-desk cases.
Troubleshooting, repair, and cleaning of a variety of televisions, game consoles, stereo systems, and other home electronics.
Mobile Devices
Troubleshooting and repair of screens, batteries, and software problems in phones, tablets, and carputers.
Backup and Recovery
Data recovery services for harddrives and flash memory, as well as backup services to keep your data safe.
Server Management
Backend services for web, gaming, and file servers on a variety of hardware, remote and local, using the most recent server administration software.
Wiring and Networking
Installation of wiring for networks, television, low voltage power, and custom wiring solutions.
Web and App Development
Websites built from scratch using HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP and SQL. Building custom software solutions in Windows and Android environments.
Installation of lighting, audio, and alarm systems in road vehicles, upgrading vintage electrical systems, custom control modules.
Home Theatre
Installation of home theatre systems including mounting of televisions or projectors, mounting and wiring of speakers, and all related configuration.
Electronics Recycling
Defunct or obsolete electronics are broken down and harvested for working components, which are tested and offered as discount replacement parts, saving our customers money and helping the environment.
Photography and Video
Capture and editing of photos and videos, video production, CG video production and rendering, VR production.

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